For any startup, wise use of resources can be the difference between being first to market and missing the market.

Our proven biotech development capabilities accelerate commercialization with collaborative laboratory services you can trust.

We understand what it’s like being a biotech entrepreneur.

Transforming an idea into a business and a product is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Whether you’re in an incubator or in industry, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

From project planning and collaborative laboratory services to understanding regulatory issues and developing commercialization strategies, you can rely on our scientific and industry expertise to help develop your product.

We’ve helped start-ups capture HUNDREDS of MILLIONS in value since 2007.

Reach Your Milestones

If you’re a start-up biotech company, in order to reach your next round of funding you need results. You need both high-quality data and the analytical skills to back it up. With InfinixBio, the results you need to succeed are closer than you imagine.

Every new technology has its own unique challenges. You need a partner that can help you overcome these hurdles and turn your technology into a marketable product.

Increase Your Capabilities

What you need is an experienced lab. And that’s exactly what we provide with a team of experts tailored for your specific needs.

You immediately gain access to our team of 25+ scientists and fully equipped research labs to help advance your technology, providing bandwidth without adding overhead costs.

Get qualified, experienced, dedicated support without spending your time hiring and training staff or securing lab space or equipment.

Responsible Stewardship

When you work with InfinixBio, you always know what’s going on with your project. We bring you fresh updates and share insights about the science we’re doing to develop your technology. That means you stay in control of your project’s timeline and budget.

As a CRO based in Ohio, working with InfinixBio can make your invested dollar go further. Working with our Midwest labs can provide reduced operating costs without reducing quality – and that translates into success and leverage!